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Our Resumé

  1. -Travis is a Director in the Health Industries Advisory practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers

  2. -Sara works as a full-time Mom to the two most precious girls in the universe (previously worked as an accountant and a realtor)

  3. -Campbell turned four in December of 2012

  4. -Blake turned two in August of 2012

Some Things We Love (in no particular order)

  1. -Each other and our extended families

  2. -God

  3. -Lexi and Harley (our dog and cat...yes, Travis, we love the cat too)

  4. -Working out

  5. -Food and wine

  6. -Outer Banks

  7. -Panthers football

  8. -Lake Forest Church

  9. -Huntersville, North Carolina

  10. -Virginia Tech and Western Carolina and all our Hokie and Catamount best friends

  11. -Being in, on, under, or even just near the water

  12. -Reading

  13. -Writing (definitely only for Sara)

  14. -Just about any sport, playing or watching it (that’s all T)

  15. -That you care about our family enough to keep up with us on the blog.  Thank you and please enjoy!! 

The Justice Family

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Thanks for joining us!  This is the story of us - Travis, Sara, Campbell and Blake - as told by Sara.  Our website is currently under construction and therefore you won’t find all the old blog posts here on this page.  Please stay tuned for an updated website to hopefully include years worth of archives for your reading pleasure.  In the meantime, enjoy the blog! 

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Us in October 2012